2018 Summer

Take Me Back

Our brand draws inspiration from everywhere. We love modern art, retro vibes, the minimalist aesthetic, the sport vibe and everything under the sun. We felt that our Summer Box encompassed all of that. ENJOY! #WhatsInYourBox?

2017 Spring

Electric Jungle Box

Our Electric Jungle box took our message to the next level. We pitched 8 boxes to our subscribers and they got to select their favorite design. This box was the winner and we couldn't have been happier. Your vision, is our vision.  

2017 Winter

Out Of This World

Our Winter Box featured designs inspired by the world above ours. We wanted your box and the products inside to take you on a ride out of this world. #Successful

2017 Fall

Flaming Hot Box

In Fall of 2017, our team buckled down and designed over 1,000+ different styles to send to our subscribers. We pride ourselves on being super meticulous when it comes to selecting your shades.

2017 Summer

The First SubApollo Box

Launched in August of 2017, we we're excited to share our first box with our customers. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response, we ramped up production to prepare for the Fall Season.



Different People, Different Shades.

Over 1,000+ New Styles

We believe that everybody is different, so why should your shades be the same? Every season, our team designs over 1,000+ new styles. The more variety, the better! Our goal is to seperate you from the crowd.

What's In Your Box?


Your Shades, Your Choice!

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