Grammys Highlights

NYC felt the love
This was the first time in 15 years that the Grammys were held in New York City.
Cardi B
She killed her debut Grammys performance with Bruno Mars while giving a 90s Moschino look and all of the charisma you wish your favs had on stage. She got a personal note from Bono and made the best video about it.
Blue Ivy
I would have preferred if producers kept the camera on Blue Ivy at all times. She clearly has THOUGHTS (her motioning for Beyoncé and Jay Z to stop clapping after Camila Cabello said U2 was performing was relatable; I still haven’t forgiven U2 for automatically uploading their free album into everyone’s iTunes either), no poker face, and she also already has song features thanks to her parents. Give Blue Ivy what she deserves.
Rihanna and Rihanna’s Hair
I was very excited to see her perform with DJ Khaled last night. Her custom Adam Selman dress and meme-worthy choreography made it all worth it, even if she had to share the stage with Bryson Tiller. She also won an award for her feature on Kendrick Lamar’s “LOYALTY.” and her hair looked amazing.
Kendrick Lamar
Thoughtful, politically charged and visually impeccable are three things you can always expect from a Kendrick Lamar performance, and last night the rapper delivered. His performance, which was a compilation of songs from his album DAMN., was the best one of the night.