We Prioritize Quality

Why spend $150 on a pair of glasses, when you can spend $20 for two pairs? Well, some may answer - "the quality is different" - well, we disagree (obviously). Our SubApollo box offers the same quality shades that you would buy from your favorite "high end" sunglasses shop. Don't believe us? Try it out for yourself.
Here are some of our favorites from this season! We think you'll dig these :).
Stay shady with our cat eye shades - you may have seen these (which we're certain you have, but for a fraction of the cost - you can find this pair in your box)
These cat eye sunnies took the world by storm and we're confident that 80% of them happen to be a pair of SubApollo shades. You can rock these on the beach, in the street BUT, we came to find that these do well at night. (Anything for fashion).
Our team designs new styles every season. This happens to be one of our favorites.
Have you seen such perfect precision around the edges before? This pair of shades features a ground breaking design; we sought out to make a design that would separate you from the crowd (but not making you look like a weirdo, instead your that cool person that everyone wants to be).
The Perfect Monday Shade: Keep It Simple
You can never have enough tortoise in your sunglasses collection. This is an essential piece for everyone; if you don't have a pair you gotta get one! These shades feature perfect round corners that bring out the best in your face shape.
Retro Forever: New Wave
The retro wave has taken the world by storm which means, every brand had to make major adjustments! BUT, not a problem for us. We we're one of the first brands to introduce some of the retro styles you see everywhere. 
Let's all admit it, these styles are cool (we know). These frames are just some of the sunglasses that can be featured in your subscription box. Our team hand curates the best shades for you and we're confident in our ability to do so.