What Style Should I Select? We Have The Answer!

Hey there you sunglasses junkie! First off, we want to welcome you; so, WELCOME! This article has been highly requested and we think it'll provide you with some clarity! Before signing up for our subscription box, you'll see our style quiz. This quiz takes about 15 seconds to fill out, but behind the scenes, we spend countless hours looking into your selections. 
We want to curate the best shades for you, and so far - we've done a pretty killer job for our existing customers. Now, here's the question! How do I know which style preference to select? Well, the answer is relatively simple; don't think too much!
Fashion Forward:
You seek to find the latest trends. You are that person in your group of friends that can pull off and look cool in anything. From tie dye shirts to vintage tee's and caps - you look good in it all! 
Our simplistic selection is perfect for the person who loves the essentials. We built this bespoke style preference based on the simple minded fashion enthusiast.
Open Minded:
Open minded people ROCK! We love this style preference because it allows us to experiment and combine the different style preferences that we offer. If you are unsure about which style preference to select, we recommend this one!
Travel much? Cool, adventurous is the perfect preference for you. This selection will feature shades that are perfect for the beach, a party, hiking, running or just straight chilling. The adventurous style preference leans more towards the simplistic sector.
Picture this equation:
Simplistic + 30% Fashion Forward = Adventurous.
More questions about the style preferences? Feel free to contact us at any given time! We'll be there to answer.