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Frequently Asked Questions:
Are the glasses 100% UV Protected?
How much do I actually pay?
You only pay $15.00, it is genuinely simple as that. 
How many styles do you have?
We have a collection list of over 1,500 styles. We update them every season in order to stay on top of all the latest fashion trends. 
How long after I order will I get my box and when will I be charged again?
You get your first box 2-3 days after you place your order. You will then be charged on the same date 3 months later with the same shipping turn around time. (And so on..)
How accurate is SubApollo when you guys hand curate the glasses?
We are pretty on point! We are committed to finding what works best for you. (We won't let you down! Just ask our customers). 
Your product is priced lowly, are these glasses super cheap feeling?
Nope! One pair would typically retail between $30-$50 (keep in mind, you get TWO!).
How do I go about canceling? 
Once you sign up, you will be issued an account where you can cancel your subscription, track your package and update any information necessary. 
Did we not answer all of your questions? 
Our support team is here to help! Send an email to and we will address your note immediately.
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